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The quantum of acoustic or vibrational energy, considered as a quasiparticle and used especially in mathematical models to calculate thermal and vibrational properties of solids.
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(General Physics) physics a quantum of vibrational energy in the acoustic vibrations of a crystal lattice
[C20: from phono- + -on]
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(ˈfoʊ nɒn)

a quantum of sound or vibratory elastic energy, being the mechanical analogue of a photon.
[1932; < Greek phōn(ḗ) sound + -on1]
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Similarly, a dressed-photon-phonon (DPP) is a quasi-particle created when a DP couples with a phonon in a nanometric region.
The key role of phonon processes in low-dimensional structures is well known [2, 3].
The Debye length is an important parameter of the phonon processes, since [[lambda].sub.D] - is the average mean of phonon free path (Reissland, 1975).
However, we know that actual QDs do not always satisfy our expectations because of the energy level broadening (homogeneous broadening) and size distributions (inhomogeneous broadening) and phonon bottleneck.
[4] Archaeal digoxin by producing sodium potassium ATPase inhibition and a paroxysmal depolarisation shift can induce a pumped phonon system in dielectric molecules as existing in water, proteins and magnetite leading onto a superconducting frohlich state at normal temperature.
This suggests a dominant phonon conduction behavior like most polycrystalline materials.
The Monte Carlo model includes polar optical, acoustic phonon, ionized impurity and non-polar inter-valley phonon scattering which are the most important mechanisms that affect on the electron motion in the material (Jacoboni, 1989; Ridley, 1993).
In general the interface/grain boundary provides an effective avenue to scatter phonon and subsequently lower the thermal conductivity, while the effect on the Seebeck coefficient is usually minor, but it is hard to do this without simultaneously degrading the electrical conductivity.
* Jim Smith, VP and CFO, Phonon Corporation, Simsbury, Conn.
Data has also been taken at different temperatures in an attempt to verify the theoretical [T.sup.7] dependence of the phonon upscattering and, perhaps, aide in the diagnosis of the observed lifetime shifts.
Our aim is to form a low phonon energy inorganic-organic optical composite by polymerizing MMA along with these particles.