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1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a letter or symbol representing a sound
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) text printed in phonetic symbols
phonotypic, ˌphonoˈtypical adj
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(ˈfoʊ nəˌtaɪp)

a piece of type bearing a phonetic character or symbol.
pho`no•typ′ic (-ˈtɪp ɪk) pho`no•typ′i•cal, adj.
pho`no•typ′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Biodiversity in Indegenous Germplasm of Pyrus from Pakistan based on phonotypical and morphological traits.
All samples were characterized by phonotypical drug susceptibility test, genotypic drug resistant test (line probe assay) and spoligotyping analysis using 'TB-SPRINT' micro bead assay.
Based on the phonotypical method (culture and biochemical tests), 16 (10.7%) cases were recovered from the 150 samples with similar properties related to E.
In every human being there are traits of genetic and phonotypical characters of both male and female.
Phonotypical test for identification of enterococcus spp performed based on the conventional microbiological tests.
In fact, they were considered to be phonotypical variation of the same entity, until recently it was demonstrated that these diseases were genetically distinct disorders.
(32) As Lisa Yun notes, the phonotypical characteristics of Asian men set them apart and allowed them to be arrested as vagrants.
It leads to cardiac phonotypical remodelling as a stress response and contributes to pathological events such as ischemia, mechanical loading, and metabolic changes.
The selected squares depict Haitians as Sambo-looking caricatures and the Dominican people as devoid of any African phonotypical features.
For genetic counseling, the main concerns are related to the phonotypical consequence of a child inheriting chromosomal abnormality derived from the paternal or maternal inv (21).
However, the molecular and phonotypical observations of transgenic alfalfa plants indicated that over expression of MsHsp23gene enhances tolerance to heat stress.