or pho·ney-ba·lo·ney  (fō′nē-bə-lō′nē)Slang
A person who is phony.
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What leaps out at you is a phony-baloney faux-even handedness.
Real result' "For the first time, you're seeing an opportunity for a real result rather than the phony-baloney acts that they've been engaged in," said Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican.
This category also is known as "the triumph of motion over meaning" or, to "Blazing Saddles" fans, "We must protect our phony-baloney jobs, gentlemen.
In a political universe where "green jobs" fantasia leads to predictable wastes of taxpayer money (see Tim Cavanaugh's "I, Panel" page 70), where the worst kind of hysteria and cowardice governs the scientific classifications of disfavored substances (see Christopher Snowdon's "Modern-Day Prohibition," page 60), and where the pernicious practice of baseline budgeting builds spending increases into government budgets while leading to phony-baloney claims of "cuts" (see Veronique de Rugy's "The Never-Ending Budget Battle," page 21), it's tempting to replace one set of prematurely asserted facts with another.
Rush Limbaugh called it "What a phony-baloney plastic banana good-time rock-and-roller optic photo op.
But it wasn't until February 2009 that the SEC lowered the hammer, charging Allan Stanford and a handful of lieutenants with selling $8 billion worth of phony-baloney "certificates of deposit" through a bank Stanford owned in Antigua, the Caribbean island nation that had knighted Stanford in 2006.
Neither the location-based verisimilitude of Ridley Scott's shooting style nor the estimable Middle East expertise of source-material author David Ignatius can disguise "Body of Lies" as anything other than the contrived phony-baloney it is.
Administrators, not teachers, are more concerned in keeping their phony-baloney, over-pensioned and over-protected jobs.
Instead of giving her some phony-baloney face-cracking smile, walk past her and then turn around and tell her she has a cat turd stuck to the back of her pants.
On my entirely unscientific survey of the first 24 citizens of la belle province--whoops, nation--I ran into, not one gives a hoot about this phony-baloney cockamamie nation-within-a-state concept--or, as Ignatieff puts it, recommending Quebecers say it "with pride," "Le Quebec est ma nation, le Canada est mon pays.