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A toxic liquid, C7H17O2PS3, used as an insecticide especially in soil treatment.

[(phos)phor(us) + (dithio)ate (di- + thio- + -ate).]


(Agriculture) agriculture a highly poisonous type of pesticide used to control insects and mites


(ˈfɔr eɪt, ˈfoʊr-)

a systemic insecticide, C7H17O2PS3, used esp. as a soil treatment.
[1955–60; probably by shortening of the name of one of its chemical components, (phos)phor(odithio)ate]
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Phorate 10% CG Prolenopbos 50% EC, Spinosad 45% SC.
Cyanamid registered phorate (Thimet) for cotton in 1956 and later for use in corn for rootworm control; it was one of the first systemic insecticides in the organic phosphate family and served as a replacement for Aldrin and other aging CH.
C: In any order: lay the words NOISOME, PHORATE, MI and RECEDES in the second, fourth, sixth and last columns.
63 Global Phorate Market, by Geography 2008 - 2015 ($Million)
Os procedimentos analiticos empregados para a determinacao dos teores de residuos de Imidacloprid e Phorate nas amostras foram baseados naqueles descritos por Placke e Weber (1993) e Szeto et al.
Prior to phorate being banned in the US, the American Bird Conservancy recorded nearly 3,000 bird deaths in 32 separate incidents related to the toxic compound.
2-] Deethyldeisopropylatrazine Deisopropylatrazine Diazinon Dichlobenil Dichlorvos Dimethoate Ethoprop Ethylparathion Fenthion Fonophos Formothion Isazophos Isofenphos Malathion Methylazinphos Methylchloryrifos Methylparathion Methylpirimphos Metolachlor Metribuzin Mevinphos Pendimethalin Phorate Phosmet Prometon Propazine Propetamphos Ronnel Simazine Terbacil Terbufos Tetrachlorvinphos Trifluralin
Pesticide (aldicarb sulphoxide, aldicarb sulphone, demeton-S-methyl sulphoxide, carbendazim, methomyl, thiabendazole, methiocarb sulphoxide, methiocarb sulphone, aldicarb, imazalil, thiodicarb, phorate sulphoxide, phorate sulphone, methiocarb) standard substances were obtained from Dr.
OPs not detected included: dimethoate, disulfoton, ethoprop, fensulfothion, EPN, fenthion, malathion, merphos, methyl parathion, azinphos-methyl, phorate, demeton.
Secondary poisoning of birds of prey by the organophosphorus insecticide phorate.
d]) of these chemicals followed the order: terbufos > phorate > 2,4-D > atrazine > metsulfuron methyl.
Phorate, an organophosphorus insecticide, was used around a South Dakota wetland at only three-quarters of the recommended dose yet persisted through the winter despite assurances from the U.