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A toxic liquid, C7H17O2PS3, used as an insecticide especially in soil treatment.

[(phos)phor(us) + (dithio)ate (di- + thio- + -ate).]


(Agriculture) agriculture a highly poisonous type of pesticide used to control insects and mites


(ˈfɔr eɪt, ˈfoʊr-)

a systemic insecticide, C7H17O2PS3, used esp. as a soil treatment.
[1955–60; probably by shortening of the name of one of its chemical components, (phos)phor(odithio)ate]
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She then compared ten milligrams of VX nerve agent to an extremely toxic insecticide named Phorate, and said 72,000 milligrams of the substance was needed to cause death via skin absorption.
The 13th meeting of the Chemical Review Committee (CRC) of the Rotterdam Convention, which was held back-to-back with POPRC and which concluded on 26 October, successfully recommended to the COP the listing of phorate, acetochlor and hexabromocyclododecane in Annex III of the Convention.
Percentage % Chlorpyrifos 13 26 Dichlorvos 12 24 Quinalphos 7 14 Methyl Parathion 4 8 Monocrotophos 3 6 Parathion 3 6 Phorate 3 6 Dimethoate 2 4 Diazinon 1 2 Pantothenate 1 2 Profenofos 1 2 Table 3.
In analyses that included ever use of insecticides by both the women and their husbands, risk was increased in relation to the women's use of phorate [HR = 2.
The separation of the 8 OPPs (acephate, chlorpyriphos, chlorpyriphos-methyl, diazinon, methamidophos, methidathion, phorate, pirimiphos-methyl) was done through liquid partition and then clean-up with solid phase extraction.
Secondary poisoning of birds of prey by the organophosphorus insecticide, phorate.
The wide application of organophosphorous (OP) insecticides such as Chlorpyrifos, phorate, malathion, dichlorvos, are employed for plant protection against insect pests.
Among the chemicals tested earlier for managing root knot nematodes in tuberose, the nursery bed treatment with carbofuran or phorate at 60g/m2 (Parvatha Reddy and Rao, 2001) and soil application of aldicarb at 20 mg/plant or carbofuran 3G at 10-20 g/plant were proved most effective.
Similarly, in 2012 in potatoes, the top 10 insecticides applied by weight included the broad-spectrum materials phorate, carbaryl, esfenvalerate and methomyl.
Mohanty G, Mohanty J, Nayak AK, Mohanty S, Dutta SK (2011) Application of comet assay in the study of DNA damage and recovery in rohu (Labeo rohita) fingerlings after an exposure to phorate, an organophosphate pesticide.
The basic for safening of clomazone by phorate insecticide in cotton and inhibitors of cytochrome P450s.