phosphate buffer solution

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Noun1.phosphate buffer solution - a solution containing a phosphate buffer
buffer solution - a solution containing a buffer
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When asked by Mr Cotter why he didn't check what 10Xs meant, Dr Mansur said: "Because to me it was a pure replacement to a normal phosphate buffer solution, it didn't alert me.
When the signal of the oxygen electrode stabilized in the 50 ml phosphate buffer solution, the certain amounts of calibration solution were added to achieve known [BOD.
1 M phosphate buffer solution, caused a dramatic color change of the specimen to dark brown.
The in-vitro studies were carried out soaking the specimens in sodium phosphate buffer solution as the medium for release of drug at pH 7.
In additional test series, this control sample was supplemented with 100 [micro]L volumes of a phosphate buffer solution containing 8 and 10 nmol of Trp (final concentrations, 62.