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1. A salt, ester, or anion of phosphoric acid, derived by removal or replacement of one, two, or especially all three of the hydrogens of phosphoric acid.
2. A fertilizer containing phosphorus compounds.
3. A soda fountain drink made by blending carbonated water with flavored syrup.

phos·phat′ic (fŏs-făt′ĭk) adj.
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The presence of phosphatic nodules and bituminous matter in some of the lowest azoic rocks, probably indicates the former existence of life at these periods.
Theoretical doses of P and phosphatic fertilizers required to develop P levels in soil solutions under field conditions were calculated from the modified Freundlich model to develop soil solution P of 0.
The cabinet also reduced Subsidy in Nutrient Based rates for Phosphatic and Potassic fertilizers for the year 2013-14.
NEW DELHI -- The fertilisers ministry has opposed the petroleum ministry's move to snap supply of cheaper gas from RIL's Andhra offshore field to units manufacturing potassic and phosphatic fertilisers, even as government is grappling with fall in production from India 's gas bowl.
All samples within the phosphatic horizon will also be analysed from a comprehensive suite of 34 trace elements in due course.
Therefore, application of phosphatic fertilizers is essentially required to maximize crop yields.
It is a sequence of mostly pale greenish-grey laminated phosphatic marls, light grey white-purple clay with interbeds of sandstones.
The ratings reflect the company's leading market position in phosphatic fertilisers in the territories it operates in, favorable demand outlook for phosphatic fertilisers, moderate cost position due to high operating efficiency and part backward integration into the manufacture of phosphoric acid and high financial flexibility arising from sizeable liquid investments.
There was also a sizeable increase in the sales of phosphatic and potassic fertilizers as the Company continued its efforts to promote balanced fertilization.
Fluoride is also an impurity in phosphatic fertilisers (impurity levels can be as high as 3.
This latest Phosphatic Fertilizer Manufacturing Industry report provides the most updated market research on the industry.