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1. A colorless, spontaneously flammable poisonous gas, PH3, having a fishy odor and used as a fumigant and as a doping agent for solid-state components. Also called phosphane.
2. Any of several organic compounds having the structure of an amine but with phosphorus in place of nitrogen.


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless flammable gas that is slightly soluble in water and has a strong fishy odour: used as a pesticide. Formula: PH3


(ˈfɒs fin, -fɪn)

1. a colorless, poisonous, ill-smelling, flammable gas, PH3.
2. any of certain organic derivatives of this compound.
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Noun1.phosphine - a colorless gas with a strong fishy smell; used as a pesticide
gas - a fluid in the gaseous state having neither independent shape nor volume and being able to expand indefinitely
pesticide - a chemical used to kill pests (as rodents or insects)


[ˈfɒsfiːn] Nfosfino m
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