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A univalent cation, PH4+, derived from phosphine.


(Chemistry) chem a derivative of phosphine, with the chemical formula PH4+


(fɒsˈfoʊ ni əm)

the positively charged group PH4 + .
[1865–70; phosph (orus) + -onium]
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Counter to the standard practice of allowing scale to form and relying on a chelating option or dissolver for removal, the new Scaletreat FeS prevents scale formation in the first place, and the resultant damage, at considerably lower dosages than existing chemistries, such as THPS (tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulphate) and Acrolein, said the company in a press release.
The use of phosphonium reagents for the organic modification of montmorillonite for the preparation of polystyrene-organoclay and rubber nanocomposites was already reported [31, 32].
Chloramines II-64Bromine (Br2) II-64Non-Oxidizing Biocides II-64Aldehydes II-64Glutaraldehyde II-64Acrolein II-64Amines II-65Amine-Type Compounds II-65Amine and Diamine Biocides II-65Halogenated Compounds II-65Sulfur Compounds II-65Carbamates II-65Metronidazole II-65Quaternary Phosphonium Salts II-65Calcium Chloride II-66Calcium Hydroxide II-66
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of modified poly(glycidyl methacrylate-co-2hydroxyethyl methacrylate) derivatives with quaternary ammonium and phosphonium salts.
Stephan's presentation was titled "From Frustrated Lewis Pairs to Electrophilic Phosphonium Cations: Metal-free Approaches to Hydrogenation Catalysis.
Cationic head groups include imidazolium, pyridinium, pyrrolidinium, morpholinium, piperidium, quinolinium, quaternary ammonium, and quaternary phosphonium moieties; anionic head groups include tetrafluoroborate (B[F.
One popular liquid cleaner contains an active ingredient called THPS Tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium sulfate and can be formulated with an ammonium ion or organic phosphonate to speed up the dissolution of iron compounds.
Heterogeneous Reactions Involving Anion Transfer by Quaternary Ammonium and Phosphonium Salts," J.
Moreover, the water-soluble ligands we have developed are phosphonium salts, which are easily deprotonated, that offer greater stability when shipping or in open atmosphere.
Stephan of the University of Windsor in Ontario and his colleagues describe a metalfree compound, called phosphonium borate, that does both.
According to Chemical and Engineering News magazine, chemistry researchers Professor Douglas Stephan and Gregory Welch have synthesized a phosphonium borate compound that is able to produce hydrogen molecules when heated.
But an additional factor is that crosslinks are generated in the presence of phosphonium accelerator and metal oxides without the presence of BpAF (refs.