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A sedimentary rock consisting predominantly of apatite and other phosphates.


1. (Minerals) a fibrous variety of the mineral apatite
2. (Minerals) any of various mineral deposits that consist mainly of calcium phosphate
phosphoritic adj


(ˈfɒs fəˌraɪt)

a sedimentary rock sufficiently rich in phosphate minerals to be used as a source of phosphorus for fertilizers.
phos`pho•rit′ic (-ˈrɪt ɪk) adj.
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The Trinidad de Guedes field, in Matanzas, offers the greatest prospects for the production of fertilizers, as it presents areas of clayey granular phosphorites with [P.
The phosphorites are of pelletal type and commonly contain cellophane, dahlite, francolite, glaucophane, dolomite, iron oxide and pyrite in various proportions.
Most provide the existing mining complexes with a long perspective; but they require re-organisation in extracting the most important minerals such as gold, uranium, copper, lead, silver, lithium, phosphorites, potassium salts, fluor-spar, wollastonite, agrochemical ores, and others.
However, even more spectacular within the Doushantuo phosphorites is the preservation of metazoan eggs and early embryos.
Stoichiometric norm of phosphoric acid for the decomposition of each of the five types of Central Kyzylkum's phosphorites is calculated out of the equation:
Co-author Richard Wirth of the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, who analyzed the rock samples with an electron microscope, said that the formation of Earth's earliest phosphorites was influenced strongly, if not controlled completely, by the activity of sulfur bacteria.
c) In deposits, the U content of phosphorites directly correlates with [P.
Pufahl discusses the manner in which phosphorus is concentrated in insular, seamount, and continental margin phosphorites, and compares phosphorites in upwelling vs.
The dam gave way after failing to withstand the pressure of waste from the treatment of apatites and phosphorites with sulfuric acid.
Evidence of giant sulphur bacteria in Neoproterozoic phosphorites.