photo essay

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also pho·to es·say (fō′tō-ĕs′ā′)
A series of photographs that conveys a story, usually accompanied by a written text and published as a book or special feature in a periodical.

pho′to-es′say·ist n.

pho′to es`say

a series of photographs, accompanied by a brief text, that conveys a unified story and is published as a book or a feature in a magazine or newspaper.
pho′to es`sayist, n.
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The contest will be divided into three different categories, such as "Prose (Chinese) Category", "Prose (Non-Chinese) Category", and also "Short Photo Essay Category." Moreover, for the "Prose (Non-Chinese) Category", it limits the languages to English, Japanese, Indonesian, Cambodian, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, and also Korean.
Here is a short photo essay on our family answering this query, in a series of 19 black-and-white photos from, most probably, a Kodak Brownie camera.
Pickens is currently working on a self-published photo essay documenting professional culinary arts around the country.
I did a photo essay of the buildings being demolished for a college course.
A grand prize winner will receive US$3,000, and the MPA Photo Essay winner will be awarded US$500.
Then GeltFiend exploded onto the scene with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign and a genius photo essay, called "Santa's First Hanukkah." The sweaters were witty and high-design, parodies of Christmas sweaters that actually had a retro-chic, Jewishly-clueful style of their own.
It has new opening vignettes and critical thinking sections, updated and new features, a new photo essay on global obesity, a new essay on companion animals and homeless individuals, and updated research, data, tables, figures, and new photos, in addition to new and revised material in each chapter.
(1) The photographs included in this photo essay are printed in the Journal with the consent and permission of the photographer.
All you have to do is send us an article or photo essay about your favorite travel destination in Egypt.
Findings suggest that alcohol identity predicts problematic alcohol use and support the photo essay as a promising methodology for exploring facets of behavior and personality.
This photo essay is cleverly designed to show us that some elephants do indeed produce painted pictures.
Selections include an Edith Wharton story, Lynn Davis's photo essay on icebergs, and art critic Christopher Knight's essay on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.