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also pho·to es·say (fō′tō-ĕs′ā′)
A series of photographs that conveys a story, usually accompanied by a written text and published as a book or special feature in a periodical.

pho′to-es′say·ist n.
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This photo-essay depicts a simpler world without the amenities of today's 21st century mega-metropolis.
An interesting article and an interesting photo-essay from yesterday agree: The situation in Gaza is odd.
This commemorative volume presents the ongoing Czech-led excavation and research of ancient Egypt and Roman occupation in Egypt in the form of a photo-essay of the places and people, including the local workers involved in each expedition.
It was a photo-essay about troops who were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The marriage of image and text turns the project into a sort of photo-essay, or something along the lines of Edward Steichen's 1955 exhibition "The Family of Man" (except that here, Sternfeld focuses on those family members who've absconded from the fold, retreated from the mainstream to the fringes).
Ann Chamberlain, who was a writer for Life magazine, collaborated in the '90s with photographer Loomis Dean on a photo-essay for an exhibition at the Circus Museum at the Ringling.
Simon Hadley has been nominated in the Nikon Celebrity Photographer of the Year category for his picture of Britney Spearsin concert, while John James is nominated in the Nikon Photo-Essay category for this study of children's first day at the 'big' school.
This exhibition meticulously re-creates the process by which Arbus scored her breakthrough - a commission by Esquire in 1960 to do a photo-essay about New York life, ``The Vertical Journey.
Elsewhere in this issue, we present Tokyo: The High-Tech Slum (page 46), a meditative photo-essay by Stephen Mansfield on the way Japan's capital city retains the look and feel of a slum in many parts, while remaining a sounding board for high-tech.
There used to be adequate time provided to take the photographs necessary for publishing a photo-essay in a monthly magazine.
Life magazine, back when it was the center of America's pop consciousness, chose him as the subject for a photo-essay on American college students.
Recalling Smithson's The Monuments of Passaic, 1967--the famed photo-essay in which the artist audaciously compared the industrial ruins of his hometown to the remains of ancient Rome--Fischer has mined the rural landscape of his native Minnesota.
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