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A style of painting that resembles photography in its meticulous attention to realistic detail.

pho′to·re′al·ist adj. & n.
pho′to·re′al·is′tic adj.


(Art Terms) art of or relating to photorealism
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Matching the sidewalk upon which they've been piled, the bricks have a shoddy photo-realism about them quite at odds with the idealized structure behind them.
The collaboration between Codemasters game and Intel s UK based engineering teams has resulted in improved visual effects adding much improved photo-realism and life-like real world simulation effects to Codemasters gameplay on Intel powered PCs.
Among the 11 photographers whose work goes on display from Thursday is late photojournalist - and most famous 20th-century exponent of Japanese photo-realism - Ken Domon, whose post-war images included those of survivors of the Hiroshima bomb.
Promulgated by OK Harris gallery in the late 1960s, Photo-realism, for artists such as Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, or John Baeder, was a logical extension of Pop art.
You also have T-shirt companies borrowing from the runways like Givenchy, and that's where you'll see space prints, high-fashion prints -- and photo-realism prints are definitely big, too.
If you have the benefit of running the game on a high-end PC, it's the closest you're likely to come to photo-realism in gaming, with a breathtaking New York City ravaged by lush green overgrowth.
Mr Okafor spends 80-100 hours completing his amazing pencil drawings in a genre known as photo-realism, creating his detailed work based on a mixture of life and photographs.
JC: The chief reasons that I prefer digital media over traditional paint for scientific illustration are (1) its modifiability, allowing incorporation of new scientific information and facilitating the revision process to maximize accuracy, and (2) the ability to achieve absolute photo-realism through photographic compositing, enhancing viewers' suspension of disbelief.
This photo-realism certainly helps to keep the dream realities looking more plausible.
The landscapes are again impressive, although without the photo-realism that James Cameron's Avatar recently brought to the 360.
One of the nation's premier photo-realism artists, Tim Cortes uses color pencil as his preferred medium.
One of these has been highly commended by the judges, but the trap of photo-realism is illustrated by David Lawton's Obsessive Compulsive, which succeeds in being too purely photographic to be interesting.