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Squier developed the Polarization Photochronograph that involved a projectile passing over a sensor and bending light through prisms to move two photographic film discs.
They describe his early life and education at West Point, his army career, his work on artillery problems and his invention of the polarizing photochronograph, his development of aviation for the army, his landline communications research, his invention of new techniques for radio and submarine cable telegraphy, and how he led the army's aviation program, led the effort to equip US forces with modern communications during World War I, and founded Muzak.
While Albert Londe "photochronographs" Blanche Wittman, a famous patient of Charcot's, at the Salpetriere and ends up cutting up as well as doubling the modulation of sensibility by means of magnets, Jules Janet observes in 1888 that Wittman's somatic troubles, anesthesia and analgesia, are actually due to the dissociation of her ego; Blanche's sufferings are caused by her malevolent second personality, Blanche 2.