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Chemical breakdown caused by light.
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Chemical reactions involved in the action of ozone in water under UV irradiation are represented in equations 1 and 2 (Litter, 2005), including the photodecomposition of ozone in the presence of UVc, a process that generates [H.
5 shows photodecomposition kinetics of CLF by UV and UV/TiO2 in the presence and absence of dissolved oxygen.
Photodecomposition of monocrotophos in soil, on plant foliage and in water.
Wang, S, Wang, T, Chen, W, Hori, T, "Phase-Selectivity Photocatalysis: A New Approach in Organic Pollutants' Photodecomposition by Nanovoid Core(Ti[O.
UVA light penetrates fairly deeply into the skin, where it causes the photodecomposition of various nitrogen-containing compounds, generating NO.
Ablative photodecomposition on polyethylene terephthalate films.
Treatment of oily port wastewater effluents using the ultraviolet/hydrogen peroxide photodecomposition system.
They are released to the environment and converted into several toxic compounds through their photodecomposition and biologic degradation (Schenker et al.
Photodecomposition of pigment yellow 74, a pigment used in tattoo ink.
Pesticide manufacturers must thoroughly characterize degradation by metabolism and photodecomposition to meet requirements for registration and establish residue tolerances, and this information is generally available in the public domain.