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 (fō′tō-do͞o′plĭ-kāt′, -dyo͞o′-)
tr.v. pho·to·du·pli·cat·ed, pho·to·du·pli·cat·ing, pho·to·du·pli·cates
To photocopy.
n. (-kĭt)
A photocopy.

pho′to·du′pli·ca′tion n.


n, vb
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) the US and Canadian equivalent of photocopy
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No further photoduplication of copies of material in the collection can be made when Princeton University Library does not own the original.
In Chandarlapaty's analysis, "the process of photoduplication assumes the obvious about two worlds, one that will be less appreciated and recognized because it belongs to the past, and the other that is clear, focused, and healthy in the communicative rationality of the text" (17).
[Microfilm from Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
As the first library to adopt Aeon (in 2009) and the fourth to actually launch it soon after, we were ready in 2012 to begin piloting the automated photoduplication management process within the software to provide patrons with the digital surrogates they needed in a more systematic way.
Buildings 5 Photocop: 62 Photoduplication 62 Poll Burj Khalifa 71 Poll Hockey Stick Terms 97 PubMed 15 Question 81 Questions 81 Randomization 87 Randomly 87 Reference 12 Research: 80 Resource 18 Resources 18 Results 78 Review 82 Reviews 82 Search: 14 Significant 88 Slide 68 Slides 68 Software 54 Software vs.
(You can't get it in music stores.) On one occasion Bill decided that it would be easier to run off a copy on the office copier and just send it to the person who requested it than do the paperwork involved in typing up a photoduplication order.
Restrictions: Photocopies of selected items available upon receipt of written authorization for photoduplication from the copyright holder.
The Library's three major retail activities, the Photoduplication Service, the Gift Shop, and the Audio Video Laboratory, have not consistently generated profits or covered all costs for the last five years.
LC's Photoduplication Service offers photographic reproductions for a fee set to cover costs.
* By ordering photocopies or microfilmed copies from the Library's Photoduplication Service.
Awards are made to help defray such research expenses as transportation, lodging, food and photoduplication. Contact: Travel to Collections Program, Division of Fellowships and Seminars, National Endowment for the Humanities, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Room 316, Washington, DC 20506; (202) 786-0463.
Copyright Office, Catalog of Copyright Entries: Musical Compositions, 1891-1946 (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1980).