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1. The process of making maps or scale drawings from photographs, especially aerial photographs.
2. The process of making precise measurements by means of photography.

pho′to·gram·met′ric (-grə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
pho′to·gram′me·trist n.
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(Physical Geography) the process of making measurements from photographs, used esp in the construction of maps from aerial photographs and also in military intelligence, medical and industrial research, etc
photogrammetric adj
ˌphotoˈgrammetrist n
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(ˌfoʊ təˈgræm ɪ tri)

the process of making surveys and maps through the use of photographs, esp. aerial photographs.
pho`to•gram•met′ric (-grəˈmɛ trɪk) pho`to•gram•met′ri•cal, adj.
pho`to•gram′me•trist, n.
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The science or art of obtaining reliable measurements from photographic images.
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the use of photography for surveying or map-making. Cf. phototopography.
See also: Photography
the use of photography for surveying or map-making.
See also: Land, Maps
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John Auden, a highly capable pre-plate-tectonics geologist (and older brother of Wystan) another; as was Michael Spender, a long-forgotten photogrammetrist (and older brother of Stephen), together with such mountain-man legends as Eric Shipton, Hugh Ruttledge and Bill Tilman -- the last better known back in England for equally isolated and unobserved sailing expeditions aboard his battered old Bristol Channel pilot cutter, Mischief.
An instructive definition by UP photogrammetrist Romeo Bruce is: 'A body of land bounded above by a ridge or water divide and below by the level at which water drains from it.' Watersheds occur in upland areas; thus, except on the flat islands, almost three-fourths of the Philippine terrain are characterized by large watersheds or river basins.
Each measurement direction was marked on the aerial photograph so it could be measured on the rectified aerial images and photogrammetrist classified images.
He is a certified photogrammetrist with the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and a licensed surveyor photogrammetrist in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
His early career was dairy farming and truck driving, and he later worked as a certified photogrammetrist. He was part owner of 3DI West in Eugene.
A photogrammetrist in Zurich has created a near-perfect 1/200th scale model of the great Buddha by using software to turn archival photographs into a 3-D map.
The photogrammetrist can extract an accurate set of map features for use in the GIS, and any feature visible from the aerial photography can be collected and used in a GIS.
Formerly a glider pilot and a photogrammetrist, he could not become an airline pilot because of bad eyesight.
A later review of aerial photographs from the late 1940s showed the battery recycling business in operation, but only after careful analysis of the photographs by a photogrammetrist.
A photographic negative scale or scale-range must be specified in order to tell the photogrammetrist the smallest scale of photography acceptable for the project.