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 (fō′tə-grăf′ĭk) also pho·to·graph·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of, relating to, or consisting of photography or a photograph.
2. Used in photography: a photographic lens.
3. Resembling a photograph, especially representing or simulating something with great accuracy and fidelity of detail.
4. Capable of retaining accurate or vivid impressions: a photographic memory.

pho′to·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌfəʊtəˈɡræfɪk) or


1. (Photography) of or relating to photography: a photographic society; photographic materials.
2. like a photograph in accuracy or detail
3. (of a person's memory) able to retain facts, appearances, etc, in precise detail, often after only a very short view of or exposure to them
ˌphotoˈgraphically adv
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(ˌfoʊ təˈgræf ɪk)

1. of, pertaining to, used in, or produced by photography.
2. suggestive of a photograph; extremely realistic and detailed: photographic accuracy.
3. remembering, reproducing, or functioning with the precision of a photograph: a photographic memory.
pho`to•graph′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.photographic - relating to photography or obtained by using photography; "photographic equipment"
2.photographic - representing people or nature with the exactness and fidelity of a photograph
exact - marked by strict and particular and complete accordance with fact; "an exact mind"; "an exact copy"; "hit the exact center of the target"
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1. pictorial, visual, graphic, cinematic, filmic The bank is able to use photographic evidence of who used the machine.
2. accurate, minute, detailed, exact, precise, faithful, retentive a photographic memory
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1. Of or relating to representation by drawings or pictures:
2. Described verbally in sharp and accurate detail:
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fotoğrafla ilgili


[ˌfəʊtəˈgræfɪk] ADJfotográfico
to have a photographic memorytener una memoria fotográfica
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[ˌfəʊtəˈgræfɪk] adjphotographiquephotographic memory nmémoire f photographique
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adj filmfür Fotos; plate, library, studio, evidence, recordfotografisch; style of painting, artnaturgetreu; photographic agencyFotoagentur f; photographic magazineFotomagazin nt
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[ˌfəʊtəˈgræfɪk] adjfotografico/a
to have a photographic memory → avere una memoria fotografica
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(ˈfəutəgraːf) noun
(abbreviation photo (ˈfoutou) ) a picture taken by a camera, using the action of light on film or plates covered with certain chemicals. I took a lot of photographs during my holiday.
to take a photograph or photographs of (a person, thing etc). He spends all his time photographing old buildings.
photographer (fəˈtogrəfə) noun
He is a professional photographer.
ˌphotoˈgraphic (-ˈgrӕ-) adjective
of photographs or photography. a photographic record of his journey.
photography (fəˈtogrəfi) noun
the act of taking photographs. He's very keen on photography.
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A photographic plate exposed on a clear night reproduces the appearance of the portion of the sky concerned, with more or fewer stars according to the power of the telescope that is being used.
"I mean to say that nothing is easier than to make a photographic view of this submarine region."
"She began by making me personally acquainted with the reverend gentleman--that is to say, she showed me the photographic portraits of him.
'The scene changes to the Courier's room, and shows the poor wretch with a photographic portrait of his wife in his hand, crying.
A sum of between eighty and ninety pounds in Bank of England notes; a few simple articles belonging to the toilet; materials for needle-work; and a photographic portrait of a young lady, inscribed, "To Anne, from Blanche," were found in the bag--but no letters, and nothing whatever that could afford the slightest clew by which the owner could be traced.
Love is woman's business, and in "business" we all lay aside our natural weaknesses--the shyest man I ever knew was a photographic tout.
There was the original of the photographic portrait in the dressing-case!
Then all shadows disappear, the foreshortening of perspective disappears, and all proofs become white-- a disagreeable fact: for this strange region would have been marvelous if reproduced with photographic exactness.
We did not buy any wooden images of the Lion, nor any ivory or ebony or marble or chalk or sugar or chocolate ones, or even any photographic slanders of him.
But they were dressed for a photographic studio, not for a river picnic.
The essential question is not, Is the presentation of life and character perfect in a photographic fashion?
Even in her photographic days she had relied upon her smile and her figure to attract, and now that she was--

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