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Noun1.photographic material - light-sensitive paper on which photograph can be printedphotographic material - light-sensitive paper on which photograph can be printed
photographic film, film - photographic material consisting of a base of celluloid covered with a photographic emulsion; used to make negatives or transparencies
photographic equipment - equipment used by a photographer
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It will display military equipment such as portable weapons, machine guns, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft systems, improvised armoured vehicles, radar, helicopters, ammunition, uniforms, flags, books and photographic material. Weapons on display will be inactive to prevent the items being used for crime in the event of theft.
Life After Death will host more than 130 rare exhibits and photographic material from important museums and institutions in Cyprus, Denmark and Greece, as well as from private collections.
The aim is a "specialised study", which will include recording and mapping the entire gorge, to record the biodiversity that exists in the gorge, to create rich photographic material covering all four seasons, signaling a path in cooperation with the forestry department and creating a virtual tour of the gorge.
Contract notice: provision of repair of ecpad photographic material
It consists of texts in Greek and English and rich photographic material from the idea itself to the arrival of the pianos, their transfer to the artists' workshops, the painting process and the inspiration from each of the artists who decorated them, their installation in the city, the interaction with the people of Nicosia and the final allocation to the various charitable institutions.
Birmingham's Central Library and Museum contain world-class collections of photographic material. Comprising a huge range of images on many subjects, they represent black people from the 19th century to the year 2000.
The exhibition Ceramic Art from the Earth of Lapithos is a mixture of ceramic pots and photographic material from the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia and objects from other collections that were granted to the museum for the purposes of the exhibition.
Kyprianou noted that he himself had told the minister that some of the photographic material handed over contains military exercises with the use of paintball guns.
The promotional benefits package includes placing the logo of the city of katowice on materials promoting the event, displaying the logo of the city of katowice in information and media materials, enabling the participation of representatives of the city in the announcement of the main star of the concert, preparation of photographic material from the event
Police at the moment were looking into photographic material handed over by AKEL allegedly showing that summer camps had been turned into armed military exercises by far-right party ELAM, Golden Dawn's sister party in Cyprus, he said.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of the service of realization and development of audiovisual and photographic material of the results of the implementation of the green democratization program and civil society switchmed, In different countries.
The justice minister added that he would be handing over photographic material to the police so they could investigate the matter further.

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