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Noun1.photographic paper - light-sensitive paper on which photograph can be printedphotographic paper - light-sensitive paper on which photograph can be printed
photographic film, film - photographic material consisting of a base of celluloid covered with a photographic emulsion; used to make negatives or transparencies
photographic equipment - equipment used by a photographer
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Front Pages of The Chronicle, Journal or Sunday Sun from our Library archives reproduced on photographic paper What better way to commemorate a special day in someone's life than with the front page of their local newspaper from that exact date.
The second fact is that even without exposure to developing chemicals, black-and-white photographic paper is still photosensitive.
20 or Western Echo Wales South on Sunday Wales re-produced for a 12" x 16" photographic print archives photographic paper on glossy RUGS SEVGMESEES S VCE PS1.
The photographic paper is then converted into a print using a recipe devised in the 1890s.
The consultation aims to conclude a contract for the supply of photographic consumables (photographic film, photographic paper, standing sheets, funds) as part of the initial training and continuing education issued by the institution of the ICC Paris Ile of France Gobelins School of the Image at 73 Boulevard Saint Marcel 75013 Paris.
This rare view was taken by a keen photographer from the third floor of the Cunard Buildings in 1938 on Velox photographic paper.
The exhibition comprised unique palm-size black-and-white C-prints, alongside several larger photographs and works made using hand-manipulated photographic paper.
I WENT into Huddersfield to buy some photographic paper when I discovered that New Street had been taken over by an open air continental market.
Explain proper procedure with photographic paper developer, stop bath, fixer, water wash and the drying of prints.
At the peak of the traditional photography era, Standard Photographic packed 40 million rolls of film annually, processed 700,000 films a year, converted more than eight million square metres of colour photographic paper and provided hundreds of thousands of square metres of medical x-ray film for European hospitals.
According to the company, it is currently selling photographic paper prints through its website, http://www.
The pounds 200 kit, bought in PC World, came with the bonus of pounds 30 vouchers for replacement photographic paper.

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