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A picture made by photolithography.
tr.v. pho·to·lith·o·graphed, pho·to·lith·o·graph·ing, pho·to·lith·o·graphs
To reproduce by means of photolithography; make a photolithograph of.

pho′to·li·thog′ra·pher (-lĭ-thŏg′rə-fər) n.
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Carl Gilpin, who had worked as a photolithographer in the graphics industry for 30 years, wanted to make a change and chose nursing as "a challenge and a good way to make a positive difference to people's lives".
Such is the behind-the-scenes work of the military occupational speciality (MOS) 82D geodetic surveyer and MOS 8 IL photolithographer. High-resolution geodetic control provides the spatial accuracy needed for precision fires and navigation.
It can make structures that photolithographers wouldn't tackle.