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A planographic printing process using plates made according to a photographic image.

pho′to·lith′o·graph′ic (-lĭth′ə-grăf′ĭk) adj.
pho′to·lith′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a lithographic printing process using photographically made plates. Often shortened to: photolitho
2. (Electronics) electronics a process used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, thin-film circuits, optical devices, and printed circuits in which a particular pattern is transferred from a photograph onto a substrate, producing a pattern that acts as a mask during an etching or diffusion process. See also planar process
ˌphotoliˈthographer n
photolithographic adj
ˌphotoˌlithoˈgraphically adv
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(ˌfoʊ toʊ lɪˈθɒg rə fi)

1. the technique or art of making photolithographs.
2. a process whereby integrated and printed circuits are produced by photographing the circuit pattern on a photosensitive substrate and chemically etching away the background.
pho`to•li•thog′ra•pher, n.
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the process of making lithographs produced by photoengraving. Cf. photogravure. — photolithographer, n.photolithographic, adj.
See also: Photography
the process of making lithographs produced by photoengraving. Cf. photogravure. — photolithographer, n. — photolithographic, adj.
See also: Engraving
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Noun1.photolithography - a planographic printing process using plates made from a photographic image
lithography - a method of planographic printing from a metal or stone surface
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[ˌfəʊtəʊlɪˈθɒgrəfɪ] Nfotolitografía f
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After the liftoff, a release window was photolithographically defined by the fourth lithographic process, and the exposed BOX was etched by RIE, leaving the silicon substrate exposed.
A 10 [micro]m thick photoresist (PR) mold (Microchem KMPR1005) was then photolithographically produced on the Au/Ti layers.
All of the previously mentioned DRAs qualities in addition to the ongoing developments, at Prince Sultan Advanced Technologies Research Institute (PSATRI), for photolithographically patternable polymerceramic composites with dimensions commensurate with MMW W-band DRAs, have led to the development of the DRA-coupled sensor configuration presented in this work.
In fixed cabled networks, especially those using optical fibers, growth has been exponential due in part to the enormous bandwidth of optical fiber and in part to the photolithographically fabricated semiconductor laser chips employed.
The pillars (150 [micro]m high X 50 [micro]m wide) are created photolithographically on a silicon wafer chip and are arranged in groups of 200 in microchannels on the chip.
The two Hall elements are photolithographically aligned to better than 1[micro]m, an accuracy Allegro said has not previously been achieved in fine-pitch detection applications.
It is photolithographically patterned using standard UV-sensitive photoresists and dry etching in a reactive ion etch (RIE) chamber using oxygen plasma.
Single sheet, printed on recto only, on 8 X 11 inch sheet, reproducing, photolithographically, a pen drawing on Arches paper in red ink.
(3.) The Chinese text is based on the pongee version, which is photolithographically reproduced in Wenwu jinghua [??] 2, 24-25.