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(Chemistry) luminescence resulting from the absorption of light or infrared or ultraviolet radiation
ˌphotoˌlumiˈnescent adj
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(ˌfoʊ təˌlu məˈnɛs əns)

luminescence induced by the absorption of infrared radiation, visible light, or ultraviolet radiation.
pho`to•lu`mi•nes′cent, adj.
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It was found that the intensity of the photoluminescence signal of the GaN NWs on SiC/Si(111) substrate integrally more than 2 times higher than that of the best structures of GaN NWs grown on Si(111).
Figure 2 shows the photoluminescence images [20] of these solar cells with PL counts as the unit.
Krsmanovic et al., "Annealing effects on the microstructure and photoluminescence of [Eu.sup.3+]-doped GdV[O.sub.4] powders," Optical Materials, vol.
More specifically, we demonstrate that an AIEgen initially displaying low photoluminescence while dissolved in organic solvents can exhibit strong phosphorescence in an electrospun nanofiber when stimulated with UV light.
Absolute photoluminescence quantum yields were determined using 6 inch integrating sphere by LabSphere coupled to the spectrofluorometer.
Photoluminescence is one of the exciting characteristics of porous silicon.
Figure S2: photoluminescence spectra of T12-CN pterphenyl deposited by spin coating and drop casting on silicon substrate.
The photoluminescence spectra were recorded on a FP8500 spectrophotometer (JASCO Co., Ltd.) with the excitation wavelength at 365 nm (atmosphere: air, excitationslit/detection-slit: 2 nm/2 nm, measure time: 0.1 s, step width: 1.0 nm, sample weight: 150 mg, and shape: pellet), and the detection was used by photomultiplier tube.
Photoluminescence measurements were performed in 4 replications by using a single photon counting device (Photomultiplier Hamamatsu R 943-02, high voltage Tennelec TC 952, amplifier-discriminator HamamatsuC 3866, measuring card Tennelec Nucleus MCS II) developed at the Atomic Institute of the Technical University in Vienna Geissler (1999) now at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.
Collecting photoluminescence spectra of emeralds from different origins, previously we identified correlations between an emerald's geologic origin and spectral parameters of its luminescence R-lines.
We report optical reflection property from multiple layer structure on Si in dopte with Ag nanparticles, was studied by photoluminescence method [26].
Photoluminescence (PL) was measured by Perkin Elmer LS 55 and was excited by Xenon lamp source at 325 nm.