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Measurement of the properties of light, especially luminous intensity.

pho′to·met′ric (fō′tə-mĕt′rĭk), pho′to·met′ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl) adj.
pho′to·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
pho·tom′e·trist n.
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Noun1.photometrist - someone who practices photometry
measurer - a person who makes measurements
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An expert photometrist, Henden brought a new level of sophistication to the AAVSO's observing programs, encouraging rapid growth in the number and quality of observations added annually to the AAVSO's database.
John Fletcher, a renowned photometrist and observer of Near-Earth Objects, operates the Mount Tuffley Observatory in Gloucestershire.
He purchased a 16-inch Pyrex blank and, with the help of the well-known Georgia photometrist Howard Landis, he ground and polished a Cassegrain primary mirror.