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The elementary particle of light and other electromagnetic radiation; the quantum of electromagnetic energy. The photon is the massless, neutral vector boson that mediates electromagnetic interactions.

pho·ton′ic adj.
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(General Physics) physics of or pertaining to photonics or photons
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[USPRwire, Thu Aug 22 2019] Photonic Crystals Market Introduction Photonic crystals also known as photonic band gap materials are the periodic optical nanostructure affecting the motion of photons.
Photonic integrated circuits are expected to emerge as a new technology in optical systems during the forecast period.
Lumerical continues to push the innovation envelope to deliver accurate, high-performance simulators in easy-to- use design environments specifically targeted at photonic designers.
This is especially true for four core (or greater) MCF with fan-in / fan-out components based on 3D glass-based photonic technology in datacom applications where ultra-high density optical interconnect is required.
Several of them are well established CMOS foundries, like GlobalFoundries, TowerJazz or STMicroelectronics, and others like Compoundtek have emerged using third party process capabilities and their own photonic expertise.
Core to the MAOT-025402 is the MAOP-L284CN L-PIC device, which integrates four high-performance 25Gb/s CWDM wavelengths in a single silicon photonic integrated circuit (PIC) to communicate 100Gb/s over duplex single mode fibre.
Lightwave Logic is a development stage company moving toward commercialisation of next generation photonic devices using its high-activity and high-stability organic polymers for applications in data communications and telecommunications markets.
Photonic payloads can help revolutionise the design, capacity and capability offuture generations of telecommunications satellites.
Photonic BioSystems' technologies were derived through SBIR development funding by the US Department of Defense to fulfill Army requirements for an automated field test to provide troops a "fast-as-possible" measurement of water quality.
For the changed PC slab, the distance between the source and image is no longer fixed, because it is not a good photonic crystal.
On the other hand, reflection of PBGs is an essential feature for controlling the reflecting spectrum of a PC, which can be provided by regulation of optical properties for constituent materials of a photonic crystal.
The future of computers, data centers and mobile devices will involve photonic chips in which data is shuttled around and processed as light photons instead of electrons.