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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study or application of electromagnetic energy whose basic unit is the photon, using technology such as optics, lasers and other light sources, fiber optics, electrical engineering, and materials science in numerous applications including communications, electrical engineering, materials science, and information storage and processing.
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(General Physics) (functioning as singular) physics the study and design of devices and systems, such as optical fibres, that depend on the transmission, modulation, or amplification of streams of photons
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Xmark Media organises the photonics trade fair Photonex Europe, held alongside Vacuum Expo and Graphene Expo, which takes place on 9 and 10 October in Coventry, UK.
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24 June 2019 - US-based international society for optics and photonics SPIE has agreed to purchase Wales-based Xmark Media, a UK photonics exhibitions organizer, the company said.
With constituents from over 170 countries, SPIE reportedly brings worldwide visibility to Photonex Europe, the UK's leading photonics exhibition.
IPG Photonics is the world's leading manufacturer of highperformance fibre lasers, which are used in everything from telecoms to medicine.
Trumpf is acquiring 100 per cent of Photonics Philips, which for the past two years has doubled its capacity to produce VCSELs, and announced that it had shipped one billion VCSELs at the end of 2018.
The centre provides 2,000sqm of space for photonics firms, including access to laboratory space.
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"Even more importantly, we had a lot of interest in the Test, Assembly and Packaging facility that we've located in Rochester," says White, who is associate vice president of AIM Photonics test, assembly and packaging.
In this latest version, AP expanded the set of silicon photonics integrated circuit (PIC) component libraries in SUNY Poly's process capabilities to address the needs for O+C+L band applications.
There are limited spaces available for the Industry and Entrepreneurship Session which is being held as part of Photonics Ireland.

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