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 (fō′tə-fĭl′ĭk) also pho·toph·i·lous (fō-tŏf′ə-ləs)
adj. Biology
Growing or functioning best in strong light.
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Mandal, "Heavy photophilic scalar at the LHC from a varying electromagnetic coupling," Nuclear Physics B, vol.
He proposed that a portion of a plant's circadian cycle was light-requiring, or "photophilic," while the other portion was dark-requiring, or "scotophilia" In this model, when a short-day plant in its photophilic phase is exposed to dark, a short-day mechanism is successfully initiated, while a long-day plant in its scotophilic phase exposed to light will have a long-day mechanism successfully induced.
Summed phototaxis scores for each individual ranged from 0 (strongly Photophobic, always in the dark zone) to 11 (strongly photophilic, always in the light zone).
Amid such calcification, the artist James Welling has forged a career of great intelligence that progresses continually in and out of abstraction; his recent boite-en-valise retrospective at Donald Young Gallery in Chicago suggested him, indeed, as an interlocutor to the photophilic Gerhard Richter.