photophilia, photophily

the necessity, in some plant species, for exposure to strong light. — photophile, photophilic, photophilous, adj.
See also: Plants
the tendency to thrive in strong light, as plants. — photophilic, adj.
See also: Light
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Therefore, since the invertebrate nervous system has a number of mechanisms designed to maintain homeostatic function in spite of temperature-driven changes (Lim-Kessler et al., 2008), further studies are needed to explore the mechanisms of the link between temperature, acanthocephalan parasites, and photophily in gammarids to verify this hypothesis.
Specimens were further characterised based on ecological indices concerning their known bioclimatic distributions (Burgaz & Ahti 2009, Rivas-Martinez 2004, Wirth 1995), and habitat preference regarding pH of the substratum, aridity and photophily (Nimis & Martellos 2008).
1), ecological indices (A = aridity, P = photophily and pH = pH of the substratum), biogeographic preference (B) and herbarium number (PO).