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1. Exhibiting photophobia.
2. Avoiding light.
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Putin said Russia is not photophobic, but that a Western willingness to embrace homosexuality and gender fluidity seemed excessive to him.
They are photophobic and will work into the bedding to escape the light.
She was globally delayed, deaf, dumb and photophobic. MRI brain showed mild cerebral atrophy and bilateral demyelination.
Children also are frequently photophobic, and anterior uveitis may develop11.
They are photophobic and tend to hide deep into the tissues for a suitable niche to develop into pupa.
Summed phototaxis scores for each individual ranged from 0 (strongly Photophobic, always in the dark zone) to 11 (strongly photophilic, always in the light zone).
Uveitis is characterized by attacks of unilateral or bilateral acute, painful, photophobic iritis and with hyperaemia of the sclera and conjunctiva.
Thus, Alvarez-Linera Prado et al compared 20 photophobic patients with 20 controls who viewed a light source at various intensities.
Action spectrum for the photophobic response of Ciona intestinalis (Ascidiacea, Urochordata) larvae implicates retinal protein.
Visual acuity in patients is 1/10 or even less and photophobic condition is severe.
Yolk-sac larvae began swimming consistently in 1-2 d, and changed from being positively to negatively phototaxic (i.e., photophobic).