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 (fō′tō-fŏs′fôr-ə-lā′shən, -fər-)
Phosphorylation induced by radiant energy in photosynthesis.


(ˌfoʊ təˌfɒs fər əˈleɪ ʃən)

phosphorylation that uses light as a source of energy, as during photosynthesis.
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The role of potassium in plants is that potassium in addition to regulation of stomata in photosynthesis and transpiration such as maintain of plant turgor, photophosphorylation, activation of enzyme and transportation of photo assimilates.
Sulfite affects the carbon fixation, ribulose biphosphate carboxylase, glycolate oxidase activity, and photophosphorylation [25].
From this summary page, I can also see that the functions of a thylakoid membrane are light reaction and photophosphorylation.
Water stressed leaves of sunflower has low RWC and ATP synthesis was known to limit photosynthesis rate because of the inhibition of photophosphorylation (Lawlor, 2002; Tezara et al.