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Vision in bright light, mediated by cone cells of the retina; daylight vision.

pho·to′pic (-tō′pĭk, -tŏp′ĭk) adj.
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(Physiology) the normal adaptation of the eye to light; day vision
[C20: New Latin, from photo- + -opia]
photopic adj
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(foʊˈtoʊ pi ə)

vision in bright light (opposed to scotopia).
pho•top′ic (-ˈtɒp ɪk, -ˈtoʊ pɪk) adj.
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vision, or the ability to see in bright light. Cf. scotopia. — photopic, adj.
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The scotopic mixed rod and cone response was recorded after 20 minutes of dark adaptation, and the photopic cone response and photopic flicker response were recorded after 10 minutes of light adaptation.
The baseline examination was expanded to include additional tests to evaluate the contrast in photopic conditions and night vision.
ERG was done which showed depressed photopic response in both eyes.
Clinical evaluation of pupil should be studied and documented under scotopic, mesopic and photopic conditions.
Photopic transduction implicated in human circadian entrainment.
Assessment of Pupil Diameters of Emmetropes and Myopes under Photopic, Mesopic and Scotopic Conditions, Using the Infrared Pupillometer Integrated Within Schwind Sirius Multifunctional Diagnostic Device.
The contact lens features the company's FlexOptics technology, which includes an adjustable centre distance zone ranging from 1.8-4.0mm, driven by photopic pupil size, with add powers from +0.75+5.00D.
Before HSCT, the waveform of FVEP P2 was not elicited; Photopic 3.0 ERG displayed blanking type in the light adaptive stimulation; Scotopic 3.0 ERG in the dark adaptation state showed that latency period of the right/left eye in a/b wave was 27.0/24.4 ms and 76.9/78.4 ms and the amplitude was 0.83/1.62 [micro]V and 67.5/102 [micro]V, respectively.
range: 400,000 lux, resolution: 0.1 lux, accuracy: [+ or -]5%, spectral response: CIE photopic, photo detector: one silicon photodiode and spectral response filter) was utilized, as shown in Figure 13.
(i) Phenotype 1: bull's eye maculopathy, slightly altered photopic responses on full-field ERG