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Vision in bright light, mediated by cone cells of the retina; daylight vision.

pho·to′pic (-tō′pĭk, -tŏp′ĭk) adj.


(Physiology) the normal adaptation of the eye to light; day vision
[C20: New Latin, from photo- + -opia]
photopic adj


(foʊˈtoʊ pi ə)

vision in bright light (opposed to scotopia).
pho•top′ic (-ˈtɒp ɪk, -ˈtoʊ pɪk) adj.


vision, or the ability to see in bright light. Cf. scotopia. — photopic, adj.
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The principle presented and adapted to our proposed application removes only a small bandwidth of the visible spectrum for the goggle notches, typically less than 30 nm of green at 520 nm and at 540 nm, resulting in an outstanding photopic transmission of more than 75%.
Atrophy of the choriocapillaris and outer retinal layers were evident on OCT, photopic and scotopic responses were attenuated on flash electroretinography (ERG), and responses were also minimal in pattern and multifocal ERG (see pages 298-301).
Produced by photographer Nick Risinger and software developer Chris Laurel, the app features Risinger's seminal all-sky color Photopic Sky Survey (S&T: Feb.
They may be performed on a dilated patient in scotopic conditions (with 20 minutes dark adaptation before testing) or photopic conditions (with 10 minutes light adaptation before testing).
The ERG may show either markedly reduced/absent rod response with normal cone function or affect both scotopic and photopic ERG.
True to its name, true color combines appropriately scaled red-, green-, and blue-band reflectance values to form imagery that approximates the response of normal human photopic (daytime) vision.
The combination of photopic color and ambient light sensing enables smartphones to perform real-time adjustment of the display properties; such as white point, color gamut and color saturation, to achieve the best visual color accuracy.
For circadian health applications, summary data of melanopic and photopic lumens and efficacy.
3) the scotopic b/a ratio was lower than normal range and photopic b/a ratio was higher than normal range.
Stereo-acuity Ability to perceive spatial TNO Stereo depth; it is a binocular test faculty which is achieved through horizontally disparate images for right & left eyes of the same object Test Illumination, Scale lux Static visual acuity 480 Letter score (theoretical range: 0 to 100) Refractive error 12 Spherical and cylindrical error with axis (Diopter) Contrast sensitivity 12 Log Unit Ocular alignment Photopic [greater Prism Diopter than or equal to] 25 Stereo-acuity 800 Range: 15 to 480 s/arc Test Description Static visual acuity Monocular and binocular visual acuity and best spectacle-corrected visual acuity (BSCVA) are assessed and recorded during archery Refractive error This measurement is performed with and without cycloplegia.
Neurovision studies have reported behavioral changes related to ingestion of alcohol, for example: (i) changes in perception and detection of asymmetry of facial expressions in both men and women (Oinonen & Sterniczuk, 2007); (ii) change in luminance processing speed in photopic and scotopic levels (Khan & Timney, 2007; Puell & Barrio, 2008).