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 (fō′tō) Informal
n. pl. pho·tos
A photograph.
tr. & intr.v. pho·toed, pho·to·ing, pho·tos
To photograph or take photographs.
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The Curator brought out a huge book of photos and showed him that very place, perched on its crag, overlooking the gigantic valley of many-hued strata.
It's your two corpses that will get taken in that photo, if you ain't quick."
The photographer thought we ought to take a dozen copies each, seeing that the photo was about nine-tenths us, but we declined.
I've seen your photo in the papers many a time, and I've a good memory for faces.
Ptitsin told me all about it; and the photo was lying under the table, and I picked it up."
* Film photos. If you take photos on film, send us either original transparencies or prints.
During the Tet Offensive in 1968 (weeks of intense battle which turned many Americans against the war), Time magazine ran a story with photos showing dozens of dead American soldiers stacked like wood (see photo below).
Obbard's Early American Furniture: A Guide to Who, When, and Where (1574324896 $19.95) is as much a history of the genre as a collector's reference--so don't expect glitzy color photos here.
Photos, a Web-based service designed to make it easier for people to enjoy and share their growing photo collections with family and friends.
And as an educator who used her summers to travel to watch a space launch, see sea turtle nesting sites, and participate in professional conferences, she has plenty of interesting photos to share with students and colleagues.
These black and white photos were not supposed to reach the world: the Nazi order to destroy all personal photos brought to each concentration camp was meant to destroy memories as much as evidence.
Bryan Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521; 970/482-9349 E-mail: Year established: 1968 Number of employees: 2 Owner: John Messineo ( Products: Stock photos of agriculture subjects.