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n. pl. pho·to·ther·a·pies
The treatment of a disorder, especially of the skin, by exposure to light, including ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

pho′to·ther′a·peu′tic (-pyo͞o′tĭk) adj.
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(ˌfəʊtəʊˈθɛrəpɪ) or


(Pathology) (functioning as singular) the use of light in the treatment of disease
ˌphotoˌtheraˈpeutic adj
ˌphotoˌtheraˈpeutically adv
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(ˌfoʊ təˈθɛr ə pi)

the treatment of disease by means of exposure to light.
pho•to•the•rap•ic (ˌfoʊ toʊ θəˈræp ɪk) adj.
pho`to•ther′a•pist, n.
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phototherapy, phototherapeutics

the treatment of disease, especially diseases of the skin, with light rays. — phototherapeutic, adj.
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the treatment of disease, especially diseases of the skin, with light rays. — phototherapeutic, adj.
See also: Light
the treatment of disease, especially diseases of the skin, with light rays. — phototherapeutic, adj.
See also: Skin
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Noun1.phototherapy - the use of strong light to treat acne or hyperbilirubinemia of the newborn
actinotherapy, radiation therapy, radiotherapy, irradiation, radiation - (medicine) the treatment of disease (especially cancer) by exposure to a radioactive substance
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n. fototerapia, exposición a los rayos del sol o a una luz artificial con propósito terapéutico.
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n fototerapia
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 21, 2019-: Worldwide Phototherapy Equipment Markets to 2026 - LED Equipment to Witness the Highest CAGR Due to Its Cost-Effectiveness & Long-Lasting Effect
Main treatment modalities in neonatal jaundice are Phototherapy, exchange transfusion and intravenous immune globulin.
Dr Gosia Radomska, neonatal specialist at Evelina London, said: "One of the most common ways to treat jaundice is with phototherapy, which involves placing the baby under a therapeutic blue light in an incubator.
He added that they see around 500 patients with vitiligo per year, stressing that with the new phototherapy machines, they can provide better phototherapy for patients with vitiligo.
Summary: The report on the Phototherapy Equipment Market analyzes the current and future scenario of the global market.
While the literature suggests that supplements with antioxidant properties benefit patients who are receiving phototherapy for vitiligo, "we need more well-designed, controlled studies in the future to know where this belongs in our treatment armamentarium," said Dr.
Novartis announced that the China Health Authority NMPA approved Cosentyx, the first-in-class interleukin-17A inhibitor for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in adult patients who are candidates for systemic therapy or phototherapy. "Reimagining the management of psoriatic disease to provide patients with the ability to live their life free from the burden of psoriasis is a key focus for us," said Paul Hudson, CEO Novartis Pharmaceuticals.
Phototherapy is the most effective method to lower serum total bilirubin (STB) levels in newborns with hyperbilirubinemia.
Based on the TSB result, the decision was taken by the clinicians to commence phototherapy. GA was taken into consideration for calculation of the bilirubin concentration threshold for starting the phototherapy and calculated as: threshold = (GA x 10) - 100.
The findings showed that it monitored therapeutic UV light in clinical phototherapy booths for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (immune diseases) as well as blue light phototherapy for newborns with jaundice in the neonatal intensive care unit.