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(ˈfoʊ təˌtɒk sɪn)

a plant toxin that causes an allergic reaction in a susceptible person who touches or ingests it and is subsequently exposed to sunlight.
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The breast cancer resistance protein protects against a major chlorophyll-derived dietary phototoxin and protoporphyria.
He was on hydroxyurea, a drug that's a cumulative phototoxin, and he's out in the sun playing golf every day, and then was put on ruxolitinib.
Synergistic insecticidal mode of action between sesquiterpene lactones and a phototoxin, alpha-terthienyl.
For example, a potato variety conventionally bred in the 1960s had near-lethal levels of solanine (a toxic alkaloid), and celery conventionally bred for pest resistance had a seven-fold increase in psoralen, a natural carcinogen and phototoxin, which caused skin rashes in agricultural workers.
Herbicidal properties of alpha-terthienyl, a naturally occurring phototoxin. Can.
Not for the first time, my unprotected hand was sprayed with a phototoxin activated by bright sunlight as I chopped down a giant hogweed growing beside the stream.
The discovery of insecticide activity of phototoxins present in Asteraceae species has stimulated the interest in this plant family as part of the search for new plant derived insecticides (7).
It does have a darker side, producing phototoxins on summer days that cause blistering for the unwary, and sufficiently dangerous for some garden centres to refuse to stock it.
Many plant substances when exposed to UV or visible light exhibit phototoxicity and are referred to as phototoxins or photosensitizers (18).
Plants like hogweed and cow parsley are packed with phototoxins which are sprayed everywhere during strimming.
Towers and James Hudson grew Sindbis virus and mouse-cytomegalovirus in mouse cells, then exposed the cultures to the phototoxins in varying concentrations.