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1. A sequence of words that have meaning, especially when forming part of a sentence.
a. A characteristic way or mode of expression: an apt turn of phrase.
b. A brief, apt, and cogent expression: the phrase "out of the frying pan and into the fire."
3. Music A short passage or segment, often consisting of four measures or forming part of a larger unit.
4. A series of dance movements forming a unit in a choreographic pattern.
v. phrased, phras·ing, phras·es
1. To express orally or in writing: The speaker phrased several opinions.
2. Music
a. To divide (a passage) into phrases.
b. To combine (notes) in a phrase.
1. To make or express phrases.
2. Music To perform a passage with the correct phrasing.

[Latin phrasis, diction, from Greek, speech, diction, phrase, from phrazein, to point out, show; see gwhren- in Indo-European roots.]

phras′al adj.
phras′al·ly adv.
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(Grammar) of, relating to, or composed of phrases
ˈphrasally adv
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(ˈfreɪ zəl)

of, pertaining to, or consisting of a phrase or phrases.
phras′al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.phrasal - of or relating to or functioning as a phrase; "phrasal verb"
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A. ADJfrasal
B. CPD phrasal verb Nverbo m con preposición or adverbio
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adjim Satz
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(11) The notation is based on the principle that adjacent vowels, whether connected lexically or phrasally, should be considered as a single "syllable" for text underlay purposes.
Phrasally, I read the text as a whole as anapestic, with the first two metrical sections being phrasally weak compared to the third metrical section.
Woolf's prose in this passage, and in the narrative about the nurses, falls into an easy rhythm based on repetition, alliteration, phrasally structured syntax, and progressive tense verbs.
syllable-based [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] word-based [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (3) (Faure, "Au bord de l'eau") It is well known that French syllable-timed stress is determined phrasally by the rhythmic group (or sense group, as it is sometimes called).