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n. pl. phra·se·ol·o·gies
1. The way in which words and phrases are used in speech or writing; style.
2. A set of expressions used by a particular person or group: nautical phraseology.

phra′se·o·log′i·cal (-ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
phra′se·ol′o·gist n.


(Linguistics) a person who is interested in or collects phrases or who affects a particular phraseology


(ˌfreɪ ziˈɒl ə dʒɪst)

1. a person who treats of or is concerned with phraseology.
2. a person who affects a particular phraseology or is skilled in coining phrases.
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marks him as a phraseologist and metaphorical writer, and examines the functionality of idiom in his eleven novels.
Nicole Stokes holds a BA in English and is a self-proclaimed and peer-acclaimed phraseologist.
Phraseologists and lexicographers seek to tame language so as to list and classify for inclusion in published works.