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intr.v. phreaked, phreak·ing, phreaks Slang
To manipulate a telephone system illicitly to allow one to make calls without paying for them.

[Alteration of freak (influenced by phone).]

phreak′er n.
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(Telecommunications) the act of gaining unauthorized access to telecommunication systems, esp to obtain free calls
[C20: blend of freaking + phone]
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2012 "Phreakers, Hackers, and Trolls and the Politics of Transgression and Spectacle." In The Social Media Reader, edited by Michael Mandiberg, 99-119.
(16) In those early days, the exploration and manipulation of telecommunication channels was not prompted by money, but rather a mere fascination with the virtual world in which phreakers could interact and explore the bounds of new communication technology.
Although the movie The 414s does not specifically touch on religion, it does illustrate the first step in the burgeoning world of hackers and phreakers (phone hackers) and the grey realm of the World Wide Web which offered utopian possibilities to them.
Wikipedia articles have been cited in judicial opinions for an explanation of how the social networking site MySpace works, (188) for the "tweaking" behavioral effect that certain drugs produce, (189) for the term "phreakers" which is slang for people who experiment with phone systems, (190) and to define the term "screenshot." (191)
As the PC boomed, bulletin board systems gave phreakers unprecedented ability to kibbitz with each other, but it would never last.
Lessons can be also learnt from how telcos secured their public-switched telephone networks (PSTNs) from phreakers. By separating voice and data onto different VLANs, compromises to one do not harm the other, with the added gain that voice traffic can be prioritised over data, ensuring quality of service.
They were called crackers or, when they were sneaking onto telephone networks, phone phreakers.
(5.) Schwartau, Winn, Cybershock: Surviving Hackers, Phreakers, Identity Thieves, Internet Terrorists and Weapons of Mass Disruption (New York, NY: Thunder's Mouth Press, 2000), page 45.
The telephone cheats - known as phreakers - took over all 30 lines out of the offices.
Scott Klososky, the top-rated speaker at our first two ihousing conferences, did an in-depth study of the world of hackers, crackers, phreakers, and script kiddies.