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Of or relating to groundwater.

[From Greek phrear, phreat-, well, spring; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physical Geography) geography of or relating to ground water occurring below the water table. Compare vadose
[C19: from Greek phrear a well]
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Adj.1.phreatic - of or relating to ground water
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The mission is to approximately 412 wells (950 putfilters) of the phreatic groundwater monitoring network (management VMM) to take on the basis of two measurement campaigns within the same calendar year, groundwater samples and analyze them in a variety of parameters, particularly the inorganic hoofdkationen and hoofdanionen with including the nitrogen components, some heavy metal and salt ions, a large number of pesticides, SECP and the physico-chemical parameters.
The initial explosions were hydrothermal disturbances or phreatic activities brought about by hot water that contracted hot rocks and produced steam, Solidum explained, adding that Bulusan's explosions were not due to rising magma.
Groundwater can be made either by capillary flow from the phreatic surface or from an aquifers.
Infiltration/Inflow barrier--the coating or finer is required to arrest further groundwater intrusion either by gravity flow of through the soil into openings or voids in the wall structure or by pressure due to the location (elevation) of the phreatic surface;
Carbonate cement can precipitate in both vadose and phreatic hydrologic environments, which are distinguished by specific mechanisms and cement characteristics that are unique to or more prevalent in particular environments (Vogt & Corte 1996; Hall et al.
Grainger, Senior Geological Editor with the Saudi Arabian Directorate General of Mineral Resources, with reference to this crater, stated in the journal 'Geology Today' issued back in January 1996 that "A Quaternary phreatic event drilled out a crater 2 kms in diameter through Proterozoic basement rocks and Quaternary lava flows.
Disaster officials reminded residents to stay away from the 6-kilometer radius permanent danger zone, warning that phreatic explosions and ash puffs may occur without precursors.
Indeed, the fumes coming from the depths of Hierapoli's phreatic groundwater produced hallucinations.
The sprinklers were functioning usually in the same place and so the level of the phreatic waters rose to the surface.
Monitoring of heavy metal pollution of groundwater in a phreatic aquifer in Mersin-Turkey.
Brine would have been collected from holes dug down to reach the phreatic level (Figure 6), like those located at sectors lA and 1F, measuring 1m in depth in the latter case.