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Of or relating to groundwater.

[From Greek phrear, phreat-, well, spring; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physical Geography) geography of or relating to ground water occurring below the water table. Compare vadose
[C19: from Greek phrear a well]
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Adj.1.phreatic - of or relating to ground water
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Phreatic eruption are steam-driven explosions that occur when water beneath the ground or on the surface is heated by magma, lava, hot rocks, or new volcanic deposits.
When Bulusan volcano had a phreatic, or steam-driven eruption in 1978, Laguerta took his chance and applied at Comvol as an emergency employee.
The KMP said that Phivolcs has extended the permanent danger zone to 10-kilometers where no human activities are allowed to avoid a repeat of the February 1993 incident where the volcano's phreatic explosion killed 77 farmers.
Almost 17,500 people living within Mayon's six-to-seven-kilometer danger zone have been evacuated since the volcano started to spew steam and ash clouds during a phreatic eruption - a steam-driven explosion - on Saturday.
com) - January 14, 2018 - 12:00pm MANILA, Philippines The Philippine Institute for Volcanology and Seismology recorded another phreatic, or steam-driven, eruption from Mayon Volcano in Albay on Sunday morning.
Since the early 1950's, the activity of Poas volcano has been limited to phreatic events in which ash, mud, lapilli and blocks has been dispersed, mainly within the borders of the active crater's caldera.
However, on Saturday the mountain sent smoke up into the air for the second time in a week in what volcanologists call a phreatic eruption -- caused by the heating and expansion of groundwater.
Gravity drives dissolutional patterns in the unsaturated, vadose zone, while hydraulic potential dominates in the saturated, phreatic zone.
Bulusan volcano's phreatic explosion yesterday afternoon has no threat to the community, according to report of Sorsogon Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (SPDRRMO).
Infiltration/Inflow barrier--the coating or finer is required to arrest further groundwater intrusion either by gravity flow of through the soil into openings or voids in the wall structure or by pressure due to the location (elevation) of the phreatic surface;