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A plant, often with deep roots, that is mostly or entirely dependent on water from a permanent ground supply.

[Greek phrear, phreat-, well, spring; see phreatic + -phyte.]

phre·at′o·phyt′ic (-fĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Botany) botany a plant having very long roots that reach down to the water table or the layer above it
[C20: from Greek phrear a well + -phyte]
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They suggested that 'blue oaks should be considered obligate phreatophytes,' that is, water-loving plants similar to, for example, riverbank willows.
provided that removal of phreatophytes was not a way to increase a water
Water use by Tamarix ramosissima and associated phreatophytes in a Mojave Desert floodplain.
Ash Meadows NWR represents an area that supports phreatophytes, as well as facultative and obligate wetland vegetation, that serve as indicators of surface and groundwater resources.