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A plant, often with deep roots, that is mostly or entirely dependent on water from a permanent ground supply.

[Greek phrear, phreat-, well, spring; see phreatic + -phyte.]

phre·at′o·phyt′ic (-fĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Botany) botany of, possessing the properties of, or relating to a phreatophyte
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2008), who found that growth of fine roots in phreatophytic Populus alba was stimulated in the layer of soil just above a stationary water table.
He has developed special cultural practices to produce plants with specific characteristics such as deep-rooted phreatophytic trees for groundwater treatment.
Phreatophytic trees, such as poplars and willows, are particularly suited to this role (Ferro et al.
The phreatophytic vegetation of the River Floodplain-Arroyo formation was placed in the Arroyo-Mesquite-Acacia association.
Further monitoring of resprouting Cercidium and Olneya will be required to determine whether these two important phreatophytic trees will continue to survive after the fire.