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1. Inflammation of the diaphragm.
2. Encephalitis. No longer in scientific use.

phre·nit′ic (-nĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(frɪˈnaɪtɪs) or


1. (Pathology) another name for encephalitis
2. (Pathology) a state of frenzy; delirium
[C17: via Late Latin from Greek: delirium, from phrēn mind, diaphragm +-itis]
phrenitic adj
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Noun1.phrenitis - inflammation of the brain usually caused by a virusphrenitis - inflammation of the brain usually caused by a virus; symptoms include headache and neck pain and drowsiness and nausea and fever (`phrenitis' is no longer in scientific use)
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat
acute hemorrhagic encephalitis - encephalitis that resembles apoplexy due to blood extravasation
equine encephalitis, equine encephalomyelitis - encephalitis caused by a virus that is transmitted by a mosquito from an infected horse
acute inclusion body encephalitis, herpes encephalitis, herpes simplex encephalitis - common form of acute encephalitis caused by herpes simplex 1; usually affects the temporal and frontal lobes
leukoencephalitis - inflammation of the white matter of the brain
cerebromeningitis, encephalomeningitis, meningoencephalitis - inflammation of the brain and spinal cord and their meninges
panencephalitis - diffuse inflammation of the entire brain
encephalitis lethargica, epidemic encephalitis, lethargic encephalitis, sleeping sickness, sleepy sickness - an encephalitis that was epidemic between 1915 and 1926; symptoms include paralysis of the extrinsic eye muscle and extreme muscular weakness
West Nile encephalitis - encephalitis caused by the West Nile virus; can be fatal in humans and horses and birds
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C.) phrenitis significaba "enfermedad del diafragma" y era un mal que cursaba con fuertes fiebres y muchas veces estaba asociado a la pulmonia por la simple razon de que diafragma y pulmon estan cercanos.
(23) De Wind's descriptions display an understanding of various diseases, such as Krauagie (scabies), Spanish pox (third stage of syphilis), Angina or Benaauwde keel (acute pharyngitis), Dolor colicus ("obstruction of the intestinal tract," colic), Phrenitis (heat stroke), Febris biliosa (typhoid fever), Dysenteria (dysentery), Febris atrabilaria (yellow fever), Scorbutus (scurvy), and Febris maligna (typhus).
(One should also strengthen the heart of people suffering from [other types] of melancholy, phrenitis, and catalepsy (jumud); for strengthening the heart of these people strengthens them [more generally] and invigorates their souls; therefore your treatment will have a beneficial effect.) Thus, in addition to purging and diet, al-Tabari prescribes social intercourse and entertainment as treatment.