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The study of the shape and protuberances of the skull, based on the now discredited belief that they reveal character and mental capacity.

phren′o·log′ic (frĕn′ə-lŏj′ĭk, frē′nə-), phren′o·log′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
phre·nol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.phrenological - of or relating to phrenology
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9) Indeed, Johnston's text goes to great lengths to substantiate his view of such inequalities, filling two volumes with tables of phrenological and other physiological measurements.
hills--a phrenological journal of the time saw a "tenderness in the
Smith was to become the vice-president of the Western Phrenological Society at Buffalo in 1839.
Cerebral Physiology and Materialism, With the Result of the Application of Animal Magnetism to the Cerebral Organs: An Address Delivered to the Phrenological Association in London, June 20th, 1842, by W.
The unpaginated National Theatre programme/ booklet to The Hard Problem a new play by Tom Stoppard, in addition to advertisements, sponsors listings and performance illustrations, contains: "For Nicholas Hytner's last months as Director of the National Theatre, one of his closest collaborators, Alan Bennett, gives a personal reminiscence" (6), "Rene Descartes" (25), Tom Stoppard "First Person" (26-30), accompanied by illustrations of "The Phrenological Organs" [p,26] and "Brain scan@Pete Saloutus/CORBIS" (31), a response to Stoppard from Armand Marie Leroi (30,32), "An exchange of letters with Richard Dawkins (2006)" and Stoppard (34-37), "Biographies" and photographers of the performers etc.
So much of that scholarship has done more to mythologize the Yucatec Maya than humanize them, from the phrenological photographic documentation that persisted in Sylvanus G.
Also, on the case of phrenological critiques see Cheikh Anta Diop who is considered to be one of the greatest scholars to come out of the African world in the twentieth century.
Darwinian psychological speculation, Mayhew's ethnographic investigations, and phrenological precursors to psychiatry were just a few of the new efforts to come to terms with alterity.
Partial contents: "Collecting Knowledge for the Family: Recipes, Gender and Practical Knowledge in the Early Modern English Household," by Elaine Leong; "Woman, Know Thyself: Producing and Using Phrenological Knowledge in 19th-century America," by Carla Bittel; "An 'Elusive' Phenomenon: Feminism, Sexology and the Female Sex Drive in Germany at the Turn of the 20th Century," by Kirsten Leng; "Innovative Niche Scientists: Women's Role in Reframing North American Museums, 1880-1930," by Sally Gregory Kohlstedt; "Science in the Cradle: Milicent Shinn and Her Home-Based Network of Baby Observers, 1890-1910," by Christine von Oertzen; "Amateurs by Choice: Women and the Pursuit of Independent Scholarship in 20th-century Historical Writing," by Gianna Pomata.
models (such as eugenic and phrenological models) to construct a narrow
Of Gesture Relative to Its Modifying Apparatus materializes less successfully another of Delsarte's diagrams; it resembles a Brancusi after having undergone phrenological analysis.
Binswanger goes farther than Bidart by discussing--without, I should add, critiquing--West's case in terms of eugenic and phrenological assessments of body type and especially skull shape and size and a reading of facial features as depicting racially marked and hierarchically evaluated characteristics.