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(Botany) botany the algal constituent of a lichen. Compare mycobiont


(ˌfaɪ koʊˈbaɪ ɒnt)

the algae component of a lichen.
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Stomatochroon taxa are restricted to leaves of angiosperms differing from other genera in the family which grow on various other plant organs, in free-living states, and even observed as phycobiont partners in lichens (Lopez-Bautista et al.
Aproot and van Herk (2007) found that, in Western Europe, lichens most rapidly increasing in forests, although taxonomically unrelated, all contain Trentepohlia as phycobiont in addition to having a more southerly distribution, perhaps suggesting that the mycobionts are adapted to using this photobiont and they follow the photobiont which is migrating in response to global warming.
Lichens are complex plants, living in symbiotic relationships with fungi and algae, and the pertinent partners are defined as mycobiont and phycobiont, respectively.