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n. pl. phy·lae (-lē)
A large citizens' organization based on kinship, constituting the largest political subdivision of an ancient Greek city-state.

[Greek phūlē, tribe, phyle; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.]

phy′lic adj.


n, pl -lae (-liː)
(Anthropology & Ethnology) a tribe or clan of an ancient Greek people such as the Ionians
[C19: from Greek phulē tribe, clan]
ˈphylic adj


(ˈfaɪ li)

n., pl. -lae (-lē).
(in ancient Greece) any of various hereditary corporate subdivisions of a population, as the traditional tribal subdivisions of the Dorians and Ionians.
[1860–65; < Greek phȳlḗ]
phy′lic, adj.
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Noun1.phyle - a tribe of ancient Athenians
tribe, folk - a social division of (usually preliterate) people
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He offers not merely the familiar town, village, neighborhood, and special district but also more exotic forms such as the woonerf, roojinkai, phyle, and bezirke, governed by everything from the Lex Adickes to residential community association covenants.
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