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More studies are needed to confirm whether other common rodents in the United Kingdom are hosts for this virus and to further characterize its phyletic relationships and zoonotic potential.
I told him I was intrigued by a discussion of phyletic extinction in his keynote and asked him when he believes this sea change will commence (if it hasn't already).
In his gradualism (or phyletic gradualism), Darwin said that species evolve slowly, rather than suddenly.
Liao, "Reconstruction of phyletic trees by global alignment of multiple metabolic networks," BMC Bioinformatics, vol.
A phyletic perspective on the allometry of plant biomass and functional organ-categories.
Brassicales are an ideal group for demonstrating phyletic events because we have good molecular data showing the probable clades of the order, and we have a number of instances of shift from one type of imperforate tracheary element to another.
ABSTRACT The Caribbean king crab Damithrax spinosissimus, a phyletic giant and the largest crab in the western Atlantic, was used to explore the costs of brooding, in terms of reproductive investment, in marine invertebrates.
Such inter-species comparisons not only permit the establishment of homologies (3) or phyletic (4) connections but also the observation of additional analogies (5) or convergences that are due to similar environments or similar functional contexts.
Various investigations deal with phyletic affinities during evolution and comparison with non-human hominoids.