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Of or relating to the evolutionary descent and development of a species or other taxonomic group of organisms, especially to gradual change rather than to the branching of taxa.

[From Greek phūletikos, of or for a tribesman, from phūletēs, tribesman, from phūlē, tribe; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.]

phy·let′i·cal·ly adv.


(faɪˈlɛtɪk) or


(Biology) of or relating to the evolution of a species or group of organisms
[C19: from Greek phuletikos tribal]
phyˈletically, ˌphylogeˈnetically adv


(faɪˈlɛt ɪk)

of, pertaining to, or based on the evolutionary or developmental history of a related group of organisms.
[1880–85; < Greek phȳletikós pertaining to a tribesman =phȳlét(ēs) tribesman (derivative of phylḗ phyle) + -ikos -ic]
phy•let′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.phyletic - of or relating to the evolutionary development of organisms; "phylogenetic development"
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The neotenic amphibians are species that present a phyletically truncated development with absence of a complete metamorphosis, as well known in Ambystomatidae family (Reilly & Brandon, 1994), this species of ambystomatidae like mole salamanders retaining larval characteristics, what has been described as an adaptation to aquatic life (Reilly & Brandon).
Ishiyama R, Hubbs CL (1968) Batlyraja a genus of Pacific skates (Rajidae) regarded as phyletically distinct from the Adantic genus Bredraja.
We detail how readily afield-based biodiversity and evolution class can be designed and taught in a phyletically diverse marine setting in North America.