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Resembling a leaf; leaflike.
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(Botany) resembling a leaf
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(ˈfɪl ɔɪd)

[1855–60; < New Latin phylloīdēs. See phyllo-, -oid]
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of Type of Tumour Cases Percentage Invasive ductal 41 80.39 carcinoma Medullary carcinoma 4 7.84 Colloid carcinoma 1 1.96 Infiltrative lobular 1 1.96 carcinoma Secretory carcinoma 1 1.96 Invasive papillary 1 1.96 Comedocarcinoma 1 1.96 Ductal carcinoma 1 1.96 in-situ Paget's disease 0 0 Cystosarcoma 0 0 phylloid Others 0 0 Total 51 99.99 Table 6: Histopathoiogical Nodal Involvement No.
A painting such as Troll, 2014, illustrates this: On one level, it's a pure exercise in color control, in which the artist uses phylloid patterning and a palette limited to yellow and periwinkle to construct a clear figure-ground dichotomy in which the figure is the head--not of the gnarled little fellow of Nordic folklore mentioned in the title, or his contemporary descendant, the abusive prowler of the Internet, but rather of something more like a sci-fi monster with a sealed vertical mouth and only the shadows of eyes.
Auloporids occur in the Bashkirian and Moscovian, being a main or a secondary component of reef mounds built by them, associated with calcareous algae (Donezella, Anthracoporella and/or phylloid algae), as well as rugose corals, chaetetids and microbial communities (Las Ilces Section, Coronado and Rodriguez, 2009; Prioro section, van Loon, 1971; Celada de Roblecedo and Pico Guillermo sections (van der Graaff, 1971b).
The Pennsylvanian buildups from the Iberian Peninsula show different assemblages of reef-building organisms, including Donezella, Anthracoporella, Petschoria, phylloid algae and bryozoans.
An aggregation of fertile and sterile telomes followed by reduction of supporting mesomes and reduction of sporangium number leads to the condition in which but one phylloid and one sporangium remain.
He conceived the sporophyte of the most primitive land plant as a dichotomously branched system of cylindrical cauloids, which bore leaf-like appendages, or phylloids, together with rhizoids.
She was operated case of mastectomy for breast mass one and half year before and diagnosed as spindle cell neoplasm with variable cellularity and myxoid changes, feature are not that of phylloid tumour.
Kelp consist of a more or less irregular, ramified basal disc (the holdfast) that is strongly fixed to the rock and produces one or more stipes of variable length, with one or many phylloids or "leaves" distributed along the stipe or at its top.
288 The traditional use of seaweeds as a foodstuff in Japan has led to an important agricultural industry, as can be seen in this transport of recently collected phylloids of Laminaria at a specialized farm.