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 (fĭl′ə-tăk′sĭs) also phyl·lo·tax·y (fĭl′ə-tăk′sē)
n. pl. phyl·lo·tax·es also phyl·lo·tax·ies
The arrangement of leaves on a stem.

phyl′lo·tac′tic (-tăk′tĭk) adj.
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thaliana do not show phyllotactic changes suggesting that additional signalling cascades are involved in phyllotaxy.
These 20 species include Attalea maripa, which has leaves arranged in five vertical ranks or orthostichies, corresponding to a 2/5 phyllotactic fraction, while most other species of Attalea sensu lato and Cocoseae in general have a 3/8 fraction.
Some scientists are beginning to tackle an even more difficult problem: Why do some plants show peculiar phyllotactic patterns?