phylogenetic classification

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phylogenet′ic classifica′tion

classification of organisms based on their assumed evolutionary histories and relationships.
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Phylogenetic Gene ID classification Trophozoite Schizont Merozoite PF3D7_0204700 Clade 2 + + + PF3D7_0919500 Clade 4 nd nd nd Blood stage Gene ID Gametocyte I Gametocyte II Gametocyte III PF3D7_0204700 + + nd PF3D7_0919500 nd nd nd Mosquito/sexual stage Gene ID Gametocyte IV Gametocyte V Ookinete Sporozoite PF3D7_0204700 nd + nd + PF3D7_0919500 nd nd nd + Phylogenetic classification (see Figure 1); +: protein expression is detected; nd: not detected.
DNA methods brought additional valuable criteria to the taxonomy of Trichoderma which are being used today for studies that include identification and phylogenetic classification.
Nowadays, creatures are being classified by phylogeny According to the phylogenetic classification, creatures are classified by the basic origin that forms their structures, i.e., their genetic structures (3).
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