phylum Bryozoa

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Noun1.phylum Bryozoa - marine or freshwater animals that form colonies of zooidsphylum Bryozoa - marine or freshwater animals that form colonies of zooids
animal kingdom, Animalia, kingdom Animalia - taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
bryozoan, moss animal, polyzoan, sea mat, sea moss - sessile aquatic animal forming mossy colonies of small polyps each having a curved or circular ridge bearing tentacles; attach to stones or seaweed and reproduce by budding
Ectoprocta, phylum Ectoprocta - coextensive with or a subphylum of Bryozoa
Endoprocta, Entoprocta, phylum Entoprocta - sometimes considered a subphylum of Bryozoa
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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Pectinatella Magnifica are members of the phylum Bryozoa that dates back roughly 500 million years.
First records of Phylum Bryozoa associated to artificial habitats in the Colombian Caribbean
The notion of biomineral space has been used to characterize the mineralogical variability in taxa, with the phylum Bryozoa as a whole occupying 63% of the space available for biomineralization (Smith et al., 2006).