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Noun1.Physa - any member of the genus Physaphysa - any member of the genus Physa  
gastropod, univalve - a class of mollusks typically having a one-piece coiled shell and flattened muscular foot with a head bearing stalked eyes
genus Physa - type genus of the Physidae; freshwater air-breathing snails
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The Family Physidae was identified to Aplexa, Physa, and Physella.
In accordance with model predictions, the freswater snail Physa acuta delays selfing for 2 weeks, investing in future growth and reproduction when reared in isolation (Tsitrone et al.
Similar results were observed in the simultaneous hermaphrodite snail Physa heterostropha: snails recently inseminated with allosperm exhibited "rejective behavior" when mounted by a second potential sperm donor (Wethington and Dillon, 1996).
In Nematostella, for example, complete bisection through the body column always results in the regeneration of a missing oral crown or a missing physa (Reitzel et al.
Size-dependent predation by Dugesia lugubris (Turbellaria) on Physa acuta (Gastropoda): experiments and model.
Sperm storage and evidence for multiple paternity in a natural population of the freshwater snail Physa americana.
The low L-BHBDH activities detected in Helisoma and Physa were likely the result of contaminating D-BHB, present as an impurity, in the commercial L-BHB preparation (the L-BHB preparation contained up to 0.
Municipality Collection Species Number of Station specimens Boa Esperanca 1 Physa ornata 8 (Haas, 1938) Conceicao da Barra 1 Drepanotrema cimex 12 (Moricand, 1839) 2 Drepanotrema lucidum 7 (Pfeiffer, 1839) Jaguare 1 D.
However, few studies are conducted on Physa acuta or Helisoma anceps, particularly with respect to pesticides mixtures (but see, Basopo et al, 2014; Hua and Relyea, 2014).
120-195), using snails of genus Lymnaea Lamarck, 1799 and Physa Draparnaud, 1801 as first intermediate hosts, and encysting in snails Lymnaea Lamarck, 1799.
Gender-role alternation in the simultaneously hermaphroditic freshwater snail Physa acuta: not with the same partner.